006 Creating a Better Relationship With Your Teens

August 22, 2019


Today’s episode features my first guest. Speaker, coach and mentor Sean Donohue joins us to talk about how we can create better relationships with our teens and tweens. 

Sean coaches teens, in their homes and via video calls, to become mature, responsible, successful, young adults and coaches parents how to make parenting teens easier and more enjoyable. He has mentored teenagers who have become Hollywood TV and film stars, YouTube stars, CEOs, TV and news personalities, reality television stars, business entrepreneurs, and college athletes.

More importantly, he has helped thousands of young men and women become mature, kind, responsible, loving adults; many of whom have now become happy, healthy parents themselves.


Sean’s website:   https://www.parentingmodernteens.com/

Sean’s Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/the.family.coach/


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  1. Sean donohue

    Thanks for having me Jason!??

    • Jason McCleery

      Absolutely Sean! It was a great episode.