023 Making Smart Financial Moves with Guy Welsh

Welcome Epic Dads

In  Episode 23, I’m talking to Guy Welsh. 

Guy Welsh played Baseball for the Seattle Mariners before joining the finance industry in 2012. He served as a member of the management team in New York Life Insurance company, before taking his passion and commitment to helping others, to the individuals and businesses of Tuscan. 

In this episode we talk about  

  • How Guy got started in finance from professional ball
  • Life insurance and the benefits of having it 
  • Retirement or 401k( how it’s unique for every family)
  • Strategies to build up your emergency fund
  • College savings for your children (plus Guy’s idea that you might want to steal)
  • The terrible financial advice that Guy thinks you should ignore


Website: www.empowerfinancialgroupllc.com

Facebook: Guy Welsh 

Facebook group: Empower Financial group

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