024 How I Created a New Identity

Welcome Epic Dads

Episode 24: How to Create a New Self-Identity 


A few weeks ago, I had my first solo episode in a very long time, and I talked about how 2020 was an off year for me. Definitely go back and listen to episode 22, if you’d like, but to sum it up, it pretty much felt like I was stuck in this holding pattern for pretty much the whole year.

In today’s other solo episode, I’m going to be telling you about how you can create a new self identity and how I finally decided that something had to change.


        In this episode i will talk about 


  • The process I took to figure out what my identity is 
  • How I used a journal to write out my life’s purpose
  • Our ability to make  a choice to be better than you were before 
  • How I learned to use process goals and not outcome goals  
  • How I’ve created habits that I finally see as who I am. 

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