042 Only Buy the Awesome Stuff with David Delisle

November 23, 2021




We’ve all heard the adults in our life say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. But as kids at that time, how many of us found real financial value in repeatedly hearing that?

Fast forward to living our lives as ‘the adults’, how can we teach financial wisdom to our children in a practical way that not only sticks with them but benefits their whole lives?

Successful entrepreneur, financial advisor, marketing director, real estate investor and epic dad David Delisle, takes us on his journey to instilling valuable financial lessons to his kids by helping them kick-start habits and mindsets that will last a lifetime.

David’s insights into good financial behavior backed with the intentionality and mindfulness behind it are truly unique as he busts some myths, explaining their model and telling his first hand experiences around it.

 In this episode we talk about:

  • Introspecting what a rich life is for you
  • Finding your ‘awesome stuff’ and getting joy out of it
  • Recognizing the transformative power of small, steady changes in our daily routines
  • Why it’s important for you to teach decision making skills now and how it makes a difference in your kids’ lives


David’s Website: https://onlybuytheawesomestuff.com/

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