043 Business of Fatherhood with Ben Killoy

November 30, 2021



As men and as dads, we unknowingly hold onto a broad spectrum of beliefs that limit us and rob us of our potential — some stem from the way we were brought up, outside influences or our personal experiences.

We’re joined by Marine veteran speaker, and coach, Ben Killoy to talk about how these limiting beliefs tie back to our careers, independence, families and the relationship we’re building with our kids.

Ben shares the positive impact of a simple hello in his life leading him to being at home within himself and leading his family towards a purpose-driven reality.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Giving yourself the full permission to just be instead of seeking outside validation
  • How allowing yourself to see more views gives you depth
  • The importance of connecting to yourself from the inside and how to do just that
  • Living a bigger dream and letting it pull you (instead of being dragged by what you don’t have)


Ben’s Website: https://benkilloy.com/

Military Veteran Dad Podcast:    https://www.militaryveterandad.com/


Links Discussed in the episode:

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