044 Working and Living as an Intentional Father with Steven Pemberton

December 12, 2021



Between career and family, how do you choose? Should you have to choose one over another? 

After spending over 6 years of his life living as a corporate salaryman, husband, father, and now CEO, and Co-founder of the Marketplace Edge, Steven Pemberton, took a leap right in the middle of the pandemic and quit his corporate 9-5 job to pursue a life and a career built on intentionality.

To achieve this ‘balanced life’ that we all strive for whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, Steven shares how the concept of work-life integration has helped him live a life that has time for work, family, and all the things that exist outside of work that make you feel alive. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Working through a joyful and lasting marriage
  • Positioning yourself to look inward as you jump in with both feet
  • Showing up intentionally and lovingly in difficult situations
  • Serving as consistent and evolving role models for your kids
  • How you can promote work-life integration around your relationships


Help Steven give Christmas to 100 kids: https://actintl.givingfuel.com/impact-christmas

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