045 Influential Dad, Empowered Daughter with Ashlee Klevens Hayes

December 17, 2021



How do you raise an empowered daughter? And as dads, how can we do that as they’re growing up?

Executive career coach, author, and international speaker, Ashlee Klevens Hayes, grew up hearing her dad say, “go out, do something, get your feet wet.” That might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you’re thinking about how to raise powerful daughters, but he was right.

Ashlee reveals in our conversation the tools and lessons she has picked up along the way from her mentors and her dad’s lasting legacy, as preserved and shared in her latest book — From establishing a deep connection with your daughter/s to also empowering them to develop into strong, confident women, who pursue their passions and find their voice.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Empowering your daughter — Foundational vs. Superficial Expectations
  • Investing in yourself as a parent to create the space and energy for your priorities
  • Modeling healthy behaviors and habits for your kids
  • Planting seeds of trust in your daughter’s heart to establish a thriving Father-Daughter relationship
  • How you can develop and create a radical impact in your daughter’s lives that’ll help them be confident, bold, brave, and assertive


Ashlee’s Website: https://www.rxashlee.com/

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