048 Overcoming Depression and Anxiety with Israel Smith




Everyone feels stuck, trapped, anxious at some point. But because men are socialized not to express these feelings, many if not all know little on how to deal with it.

This week’s chat with Israel Smith, Well-Being and Emotional Resilience Coach explores how epic dads like you and me can be the best version of ourselves for our partner and our kids plus what that looks like.

Israel walks us through his experience of going through depression, overcoming it and moving towards being able to manage his mental well-being from a preventative standpoint. Our conversation digs deep into recognizing the various factors at play and how we can start the shift by focusing on our inward journey.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Learning to recognize the symptoms that manifest from depression/anxiety
  • The importance of seeking external support and help
  • Looking at the lifestyle factors that your body needs to heal and regulate
  • How the 4-story mansion framework can help you turn the attention back inward
  • Maintaining your well-being with Israel’s 7 core components


Israel’s Website: https://israelsmith.com

The Thrive List Workshop: https://israelsmith.com/thrive/

Israel’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/israelpsmith/

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