050 Create Your Dream Life




It’s difficult to believe that we are already celebrating 50 episodes!
It feels like yesterday when I was just hoping I would get to this point. And now, we’re moving in a direction I never thought I would be in — helping dads and families live a purposeful life through intentional discussions.
This week, as we celebrate wins we also chat about creating identity-based habits to reach the goals you’ve been setting for yourself. Using the journal workbook I’ve created and used to get to where I am, we discuss a step-by-step guide on how you too can move towards your goals and make a lasting impression on your life.
In this episode we talk about:
🔥The importance of aligning your identity with your desired outcomes
🔥Breaking down your life’s purpose into different pillars and creating an identity around those pillars
🔥Creating an identity statement
🔥Taking into account daily habits that you need to get to that identity statement with process goals
🔥Stepping up with your big audacious goals
🔥Tracking wins and measuring backwards with progress notes
I created a special journal for myself and you can get your copy of the journal at https://epicdadcoaching.com/identity


Jason’s Website: https://epicdadcoaching.com

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